If you feel emotionally overwhelmed or are having difficulty navigating your life's path, I can help you stop seeking for answers outside of yourself and find fulfillment from within.

  • Move from emotional overwhelm to inner peace

  • Move from self-judgment to self-love

  • Move from feeling trapped to empowered in your life


None of your emotions are wrong and all have their purpose. In this 8-part video series on befriending your emotions, Chris Schenk and I explore  how you can find peace in the midst of intense emotions.

I was born highly sensitive with a natural gift for intuition. I channel a higher vibrational energy called Koyani to assist you in spiritual development and life transformation. Everything I do is about communicating truth and being in service to the force of love. Whether through intuitive counseling, channeling, somatic practice, energy work, or meditation, I artfully assist with the development of your consciousness so you can move through your emotions and express your authentic self in the world. Learn More →


Check out my 8-part video series on how to awaken your life purpose.  In each video, I discuss a theme about how you can discover and offer your true purpose to the world.