My service is a blend of practical life guidance with an intuitive reading. As a certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, I assist you with questions about your career, relationships, finances, life purpose, personal goals, and more. As a naturally gifted intuitive and empath, I offer you counsel that I hear and see from the energetic and spiritual realms to help you reach your full potential and become a powerful creator in the world.

Whether you know it or not, you hold the answers to your own questions. The key is being able to access your higher guidance— the wise, soulful, all-knowing consciousness in you which many people only touch at peak moments in their lifetime. Together, we will access higher guidance regularly and teach you to bring forth this wisdom for yourself.

How do we access higher guidance?

One of the primary techniques in my practice is intuitive channeling. I've developed a gift of connecting with wisdom from higher realms and will communicate information to you from high frequency energetic beings. 

I call this group of higher vibrational energy Koyani. The name is essentially a nickname as the actual sound of their name that I heard cannot be reproduced with the human voice. The "K" is representative of my consciousness and involvement in this partnership, as "K" is also the first letter of my name. Although people generally still use the word "channeling" for this skill, it is important to understand that this energy moves through me on the Earth plane and I am very much a part of it. My spiritual development and life lessons, while highly outmatched by the power of their frequency moving through, is also a functioning part of this wisdom teaching.

When Koyani enlivens in a session, I surrender to the flow of knowledge that moves through me and allows for a direct dialogue between you and the higher frequency beings. You can ask questions in the same way that I began asking them questions so many years ago! Koyani is very loving, joyful, and laughs a lot. People generally feel seen, appreciated, and relaxed when engaging with Koyani.

How did I develop the ability to channel?

While this energetic presence has always been with me, I received my first direct teaching after I began writing conversations between them and myself in the style of automatic writing. This writing first occurred in 2005 after I enthusiastically devoured the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch. Upon reading that series, I suddenly felt that I had the ability to do it as well. I began writing and they began answering.

In 2007, I moved to a Transcendental Meditation community where I meditated 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a year and a half. This dramatically increased my abilities to receive and channel clear intuitive guidance. I stopped needing to write the words on paper and simply heard their communication through clairaudience. They actively taught me and guided me through massive amounts of personal and spiritual growth. I simply cannot imagine who I would be without their help, love, and presence.

How does channeling with higher realms actually help me with "real world" issues?

My offering is to ground this higher vibrational energy into practical guidance for your life. The traditional counseling part of my work allows us to converse in a grounded way and get real about what you can change in your life. I ask poignant questions and offer real world advice about your relationships, work, and emotional development. My clients know me for being able to access higher guidance while also making it tangible and applicable to their everyday life!

Throughout the ages, sages and seers from all religious traditions have accessed and shared spiritual knowledge from the great beyond. People rely upon this wisdom for healing, spiritual advancement, and faith. I cherish the Divine using me in this way to assist with elevating you to your highest potential!

what is a session like?

Before the session, you prepare questions/intentions regarding your personal development or current areas of challenge. When the session begins, we'll discuss what is happening in your life with which you would like assistance. I will address your questions and concerns, using meditative practices to help you discover the answers within yourself. Koyani will often join us to guide parts of the session in a clear, back-and-forth dialogue with you. My voice changes slightly when Koyani is flowing through me, so you will know if you are communicating with the higher energetic beings!

Your Investment

Session Length:  1 hour
1 session = $120
5 session package = $550
10 session package = $1000
Location:  Sessions are available in person in Boulder, CO or via phone or Skype