"Reflecting upon the many spiritual and emotional epiphanies I've achieved under the guidance of Kelley Neumann, I'm stunned at how self-evident each has been. I'd heard these messages before, even in the exact same language--love, forgive, witness--but they had never managed to soak all the way through my skin. The difference this time, I suspect, is the messenger. Kelley Neumann has no agenda to push, no need to be seen or heard or admired. She is in it for you first and herself last, and you can feel this in her presence. Our work has had a most profound affect on my daily life, and consequently, on the lives I love most. I could not recommend her more urgently to anyone, regardless of one's place along the path."          -P.L.

  "It is hard to adequately put into words the gratitude I have for the clarity of thought, the expression of wisdom, and the insightful guidance I have received from Kelley.  She skillfully and compassionately brings me into experiences that need to be revisited in order for understanding and healing to occur, which in turn removes blocks to current situations causing dis-ease in my life.  

    She masterfully coaches while creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment that encourages me to be openly human with all my flaws and gives me the confidence to be genuine and authentic in sharing fully allowing me to gain so much more from our sessions. Kelley embodies love and empathy in a way that makes me feel divinely guided."          -H.V.

Kelley changed my life! I was living life with blinders on, and in just a short time working with Kelley, the "light" came in and everything changed. When we would run into each other around town and chat, she always seemed so happy and grounded. It's rare to see people staying in the present and enjoying the moment, but with Kelley it's contagious... She started offering me energy healing sessions, and after a few visits I "woke up" like a rocket! I thought I was just going to receive some new age massage type healing. I’m from the South and “energy healing” isn’t well known…yet! :)

Kelley is so well connected to the Creator, and has such an amazing intuitive gift. She continues to guide me and I trust her implicitly. Kelley Neumann walks in truth with every moment, and is the real deal!           -M.K.                                                                                       

"Kelley is a warm hearted, authentic, healer and intuitive. She is a true seeker and has spent much of her life in deep spiritual practice. Her inner work guides her unique ability to help people see their struggles in life from new perspectives which supports growth, transformation and an inner sense of peace. I can't say enough of her gentleness and wisdom."

   -Cheryl Breault  LPC  CAClll  EEMP 

Spiritually Human MeetUp hike in Boulder, CO

Spiritually Human MeetUp hike in Boulder, CO

Kelley is not just a coach. She is very unique, highly intuitive, and coming from a place of truth. I don't feel her imposing her ego or will on me. It has nothing to do with how she feels I should act, and instead focuses on assisting me connect to my own truth. She has a great deal of presence and keeps herself out of the situation. The result is empowering! She focuses 100% on me, without directing or dictating her experience on me. Working with her has made a huge difference in my life. I'm able to connect to myself more deeply and make decisions that I wasn't able to before. I feel a much greater sense of ease in my life. Her approach is looking at the problem from the inside-out. Instead of trying to solve an issue externally, her process helps clients explore internally so that they can discover a lasting solution.          -K.Y.

Thank you, thank you again for today. I feel like I'm getting to know myself all over again; remembering who I am, what I feel and where I've been. Your presence and your process is unlike anything I've experienced in terms of "allowing" this to all come forth. Your presence makes me feel safe, guided, and perfect, while your process feels gentle and effortless. I'm SO GRATEFUL!          -N.K.

Kelley sets a safe space and listens deeply. She helps me get into my body, feel grounded, and open to spirit. This makes it much harder to stray back to a busy mind! I used to think I could solve everything with my mind, but Kelley has helped me discover another way of healing. She speaks a language I understand and has great skill in her ability to channel.  There is a natural, organic, and genuine nature to how she works. She doesn't preach at you or force her beliefs upon you, but she knows how to be tough when needed. The real difference is the frequency and interconnectedness from which she speaks. I truly appreciate the journey she's guiding me on.          -J.K.

Kelley is full of love. She opens people to the presence of who they really are. She is all about getting people into the body while maintaining their connection with the infinite spirit that has all knowledge. People walk away with a sense that they have the answer inside themselves and all the gifts that they need. Typical coaches are great at providing tools and therapists are helpful to talk it all out, but Kelley encompasses these with the massive added benefit of connecting through the body to spirit.          -C.S.

Kelley guiding a meditation in nature with Spiritually Human MeetUp

I don't recall ever being so personally moved and uplifted by an online series.  So really I just want to thank you.  The things you say resonate so deeply and are exactly what I believe and have realized to be true over my many years of inner research and journeying. It's like you're encapsulating my entire philosophy of life perfectly and are a living breathing example of the fullness of these teachings and realizations. It's really incredible for me to watch. Sometimes I kind of feel like "I don't have to teach anything now, cause Kelley just did it!" :) Of course, I know there are many voices needed to share and spread truth, wisdom, and love in the world, so there can never be enough in that way. Really though, every video I had to just say "wow"... like I could hardly believe what I was seeing... such completeness, fullness, and embodiment of truth in a personal way. It's just beautiful.          -U.F.                                                                

"As a person, Kelley is one of the most amazing women whom I’ve been lucky enough to have met and befriend! Her energy is so fun and enjoyable to be around, she has an incredibly solid presence, is an attentive and trustworthy listener, asks thoughtful questions, and gives quality, constructive advice when sought. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in their life?!? And then, add her incredible gift of intuitive coaching… wow.  She has created a truly unique program that I have found to be so endearing, creative, supportive, empowering… the list goes on and on. I highly recommend the experience!"       -L.D.

"I worked with Kelley at a transitional time of my life and was amazed at how insightful her perspective immediately was and how quickly she provided meaningful guidance for my path. Her intuitive ability to push to the heart of the matter while still being gentle was so important for my process.

My life-- both professionally and generally-- are incredibly better for the work I did with Kelley and I am so grateful we found each other. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore their own life path."          -V.B.

"Kelley created a comfortable space to share her gifts so that I could see new perspectives, and experience and trust a deeper knowing of who I really am and how I can move forward in a way that is aligned with my greatest and highest good.”