Healing through touch and the laying of hands is one of the oldest and most powerful healing modalities on the planet. It has been explored and utilized by every spiritual tradition on Earth because it is our primal right to access Source energies to heal our human bodies and experiences. While many bodywork modalities are available today, I chose to learn Reiki (pronounced: ray - key) in addition to Eden Energy Medicine because of its radical simplicity. My spiritual journey has shown me that the most powerful healings and teachings are generally the ones that appear the most gloriously simple from the outside. Reiki’s simple and natural power is based on our inherent ability to channel and receive the Divine to create real change in the physical world.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient system of healing that uses energy pathways of the universe to enliven life force energy called Qi (or Ch’i). The healer first opens to this power through attunements from Reiki Masters. During an attunement, the body’s channels are opened and cleared of obstructions to allow an increased flow of Qi from Source.


Once charged with the Reiki energy, the healer becomes a conduit for the flow of healing frequencies to self, others, plants, animals, and all life. The healing radiance is channeled from Source to the head, body, and heart of the healer. The Reiki healing energy then moves through the hands of the healer, as well as through their overall electromagnetic field, to the person or subject receiving the blessing. When a person is exposed to Reiki healing energy, it activates and heals their subtle energetic bodies, which manifests positive change on all levels including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual expression.

Reiki is not a religion or affiliated with any one spiritual tradition. The forces that it channels are far older than any religious philosophy and grounded in the fundamental creative nature of the universe.

What Is It Like To Receive A Session?

Experiences range widely depending upon the sensitivity and physiology of the client. Most commonly, people feel a sense of relaxation and expansion after a Reiki session. People often notice energies moving in their body, see visions or colors, or feel a wave of emotion releasing. Other people fall asleep and receive deep rest! All experiences are valid, welcome, and can be discussed at the completion of the session.

Your Investment

Session Length: 1 hour
Price: $80
Location: Sessions available in person in Boulder, CO