Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and unable to move through them?

Are you often looking for a way to avoid your feelings because they are too painful?

Do you feel frustrated that you aren’t meeting your highest potential and creating the life you really want?


Even with the best intentions, you may feel stuck in old emotional patterns and unable to move past your grief, anger, or fear. Or you may be confused about what is holding you back from your full potential, even though you know you have more to offer in your career and relationships.

If you experience this, I can help you discover your power to create a life of peace and purpose. Let me show you how you can have an entirely new relationship with yourself, your emotions, and your unique skills.

Through practical, easy to integrate approaches, I can help you transform your relationships, career, and daily life so you can uncover a new sense of joy and inspiration. I offer this work because I’ve lived it. Read more about My Journey

Now, I am here to offer others what I have learned. Everything I do is about communicating truth and being in service to the force of love. Whether through intuitive counseling, channeling, somatic practice, energy work, or meditation, I artfully assist with the development of your consciousness so you can move through your emotions and express your authentic self in the world.

Work With me and you can...

Move from Emotional Overwhelm to Inner Peace

  • Accept your emotions as natural and healthy flows of energy in the body that need to move.
  • Stop judging your emotions as wrong, and learn how all your emotions serve a purpose.
  • Release past emotional traumas through the body so your patterns can finally shift.
  • Be at peace and acceptance in the midst of emotions that once felt crippling.

Move from Self-Judgment to Self-Love

  • Feel self-compassion during times of challenge and soften your inner critic.
  • Forgive your past mistakes, so you can accept yourself exactly as you are and move forward to a life focused on your strengths.
  • Experience self-love as the basis of all resilience and perseverance to achieve your grandest dreams.
  • Understand that compassion for yourself is the doorway that opens your unconditional love for other people, so you can experience more joy, intimacy, and fulfillment in your personal relationships.

Move from Feeling Trapped to Empowered in Your Life    

  • Let go of behavior patterns or addictive tendencies that disconnect you from your joy.
  • Develop a strong connection to yourself, so you can create your life honoring your own needs and desires, rather than only what others expect of you.
  • Discover the courage to stop waiting for a change and powerfully create the life you want, including your relationships, career, home, and finances.
  • Gain clarity about your path and confidently own your greatest strengths so you can connect to your purpose and achieve your dreams.