My Approach to Working With Clients

My practice is about helping you ease stress and start living life as a joyful meditation. What is causing the most anxiety in your life? Your relationship? Your career? A past experience that haunts you? I will meet you where this challenge exists in your current life, and give you the tools and practices to transform your anxiety into freedom and peace. All of life's trials are opportunities to connect back to peace, love, and empowerment. My coaching is about being real with what you are going through right now.

My philosophy of healing is... You are the gem. You are the gift to the world. You are perfect exactly where you are right now, in this very moment.

The purpose of the healing journey is to recognize truth already within you, and to learn to feel that truth to the depths of your body and soul. It is about the meeting point between your spiritual self and your physical self. As humans, we are all here to embody and experience our larger spiritual natures through this form. And it gets messy! More and more, I adore that messy quality. It generally is the juicy part where you walk the edge in your own journey of becoming. I want to walk that edge with you. I want to hold your hand and hold a light, thus showing you that what seemed to be an edge is instead another place to shower with unconditional love and growth.

In a more practical sense, my approach utilizes somatic and transpersonal psychology. I believe that each person is walking a unique path, discovering that their own truth is within them. One of the “big problems” I help people with is reconnecting to their own inner guru. I feel that this comes in a very somatic way, by descending once again fully into our bodies. By allowing cosmic wisdom to infuse our physical bodies, we can express a much larger universal force that is beautiful, majestic, and completely unique to you.

Those who journey with me will be exploring through a whole person model. We will rediscover the emotional realm as energy that moves in your body. We will address limiting belief systems and soften your grip on the mental story to learn what is truly here right now. A large part of my practice is assisting people to expand beyond the constricting boundaries they have created for themselves. For some, this will take the shape of deeper forms of intimacy in relationship. For others, it will be stepping out in their power to be fully seen in the world in a new way. Each journey is as unique as the individual.

I assist with this journey through love and compassion. I listen to you. I see you as a divine being and also as a beautifully complex human. I believe in your ability to meet your own personal potential, but also in your free will and choice to go at your own pace, and in the manner that suits you. I celebrate the varying energies, personality, expressions, and proclivities that make you uniquely who you are. I help guide you, through my intuition, to reconnect with your light, your power, and your joy.

Journey with me…   Let’s explore…   Let’s light up the world.