Week 5: Acting From Inspiration

To determine your life purpose, start by going deep within yourself to hear your soul’s desires. In quiet moments, ask your heart what you really want. Take the time to explore and listen to your truth. Begin by expressing your authentic voice to yourself before you try to have others listen. Trust yourself. Rather than doubting what you hear, keep an open mind and write about it. Dare to have some faith in yourself.

Your life purpose may not show itself to you with clarity at the beginning. It may take patience to keep believing in what you have to share with the world. Give it time. Keep listening, trusting, and writing it down.

Then, get inspired! Find inspiration wherever it calls to you. There is no right or wrong here. The most important piece is that you value the time it takes to cultivate your own positive energy. Feeling happy and hopeful is more important than “being productive” when you are discovering your purpose. Here are some ideas:

·         Find people who share your passions and read about their work

·         Seek out and join groups of people who are making positive change in the world

·         Cultivate friendships with people who are consciously committed to their own growth

·         Listen to music that energizes or moves you

·         Create your own art or appreciate the expressions of others

·         Spend time in nature and beautiful places

·         Journal about your hopes and dreams

·         Reflect and explore in places that inspire you—whether that’s in a coffee shop or a beautifully decorated home office

Once you feel inspired, ride the wave! Feel the expanded energy in your body and commit to letting it guide your actions. Take action toward what moves you. Begin with concrete steps that feel directly related to the most powerful dream of you. Rather than stressing about whether this big dream will ever come true, just begin moving towards it and trust that the universe will place you exactly where you are meant to be!