Week 6: Your Authentic Self is Your Guide

We like to believe that discovering our life purpose immediately looks grandiose and venerable. We hope that doing a bit of inner work will rapidly land us a career that is both inwardly fulfilling and outwardly impressive by modern cultural standards. However, we often hinder our slow, yet powerful, growth by expecting to have it all from the start. The more effective method is to evaluate which messages come from your ego and which come from your authentic self.

Your ego is any self image you have that layers on top of your true identity as pure consciousness. You may self-identify as attractive or ugly, strong or weak, worthy or unworthy. However, the deepest truth of your being is that you simply are. Many words are used to describe this knowledge such as oneness, silence, awareness, or presence. It’s important to understand though, that your ego is not a bad thing that you need to exert yourself to remove. Ego is a built in part of the human experience. Humans take on an ego in order to experience themselves as unique individuals. We take on the false belief that we are separate when we come to Earth so that we can walk the journey of discovering the truth of who we are.

The fulfilling life purpose that you seek is accessible once you practice listening to the messages that bubble up from your deepest presence. The oneness within you knows exactly what you need and what the next step is on your path. Your higher self always moves you toward growth, fulfillment, and love if you take the time to listen and trust. It can be confusing sometimes through because the universe organizes in mysterious ways that our limited minds often cannot understand.

For example, you may feel an impulse to take on a part time job in a coffee shop. If your ego jumps in and says that you shouldn’t do it because your social circle won’t be very impressed with you being a barista, then you might miss an important opportunity. What if the larger forces of the universe know that there is a regular in this coffee shop that is looking for someone like you to join his or her company in your industry of choice? Or what if the partner you’ve desired to meet to begin a family shows up to order a latte?

We don’t always see the long term picture that exists for our own self actualization. There may be a series of steps you are meant to grow through on your path to offering your unique purpose. Have faith that something much larger than you is organizing for your soul’s success. Also, remember to take moments of appreciation to enjoy the journey. Everything is in divine timing!