Week 8: A Vehicle Towards Oneness

It is easy to imagine that your life purpose is this thing that you do in the world, but I have a secret for you. It is so much more than that. At the deepest understanding, your purpose is not separate from who you are. The desire and search for your life purpose is a cosmic path toward the discovery of the truth of your being. At first, it may show up as the need for a more fulfilling job or as a way to utilize your unique gifts. Perfect! This is the gateway. If you choose to consciously walk through this doorway, you will be led down a path that will continue to surprise you for the rest of your life.

The closer you come to knowing your purpose, the more you will touch upon its mystical and undefinable quality. It will seem both larger than you and completely the essence of you at the same time. You will recognize a quality of love and expansion that seem to make you happy without logical explanation. Your heart, soul, and body will merge and provide a new emergent quality. Some people call this consciousness, while others call it oneness or a myriad of other titles. Each points to the nothingness that is the truth of who you are. In seeing this, the mind quiets. Truth descends, and your purpose is known in the magnitude of this moment.

You open to a new idea of your life purpose, which is to serve the larger presence that resides within you. It ceases to be about your story or your strengths and becomes a blend of surrender, service, and willingness. You are flexible to the unfolding story of your purpose because you know that you are not separate from the ever changing quality of life in the relative world. Your humanity and all of its trials become a source of discovery as the inner observer notices the play of creation.

Each day, you get to be real! You can giggle, cry, rage, celebrate, disconnect, or unite. All is an opportunity to experience the call of your being and presence of this moment. You can deeply participate in life, without feeling like you are missing something or stuck in the conceptual framework that something should be different. Be! Live! Laugh! Enjoy! Let your life purpose take on its own mystical consciousness and immerse yourself in the ride. We'll all be here with you-- witnessing and celebrating your cosmic dance.

With gratitude,