Week 7: Keep the Faith

The journey to express your purpose will challenge you. Intimately involved in the process are many uncomfortable feelings such as uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear. To balance this fact, you must have something that resides deep in your core and emanates through your entire experience: faith.

This one word, faith, captures many unique experiences that will each arise with importance at different moments. First, it’s vital to choose to have faith in yourself. This means that you must simply believe that you are good enough to fulfill your mission. Many opportunities may arise where you seemingly have good reason for self-doubt. You will make mistakes. Events will not unfold as smoothly or productively as you hoped. Someone may provide feedback that temporarily crushes your spirit. However, understand that these experiences are an integral part of the path. They mold you into the powerful person you must be to carry out your role here. Trust that you are worthy and that your purpose is a lifetime service—not something you have figured out in a couple years. Give it plenty of time and have faith that you will persevere creatively, even if that means shifting your vision many times.

Second, keep the faith that forces larger than you are supporting the emergence of your purpose. You can call it God or Spirit or the universe or destiny or the belief that “things will work out.” Faith in a power greater than you is by its very nature not able to be completely grasped or understood intellectually. It’s a choice. To be the most resilient and capable version of yourself, you need to occasionally connect to a knowing that everything will be okay. Because you are wonderfully human, you will not always feel this knowing, but your job is to keep connecting with it intentionally as part of the practice of your unfolding. Trust that the universe desires your success, and that obstacles along the way are not a sign to give up or turn back. If this larger sense of faith is challenging for you, make a point to explore spiritually until you land with something that resonates with you.

Finally, just have faith. There are appropriate times to have faith “in yourself” or “in your angels,” but a time exists to simply have faith. In the end, all concepts fall away and you may throw your hands in the air with both exasperation and surrender. This means that life has been uprooting your ego or sense of control. You do not have it all figured out and you never will. You may not know if you are worthy or unworthy, or if God even is a tangible presence outside of yourself to believe in. When this occurs, please surrender. Allow all the concepts and images to be washed away, until you are so open that you can truly become the faith you have needed all along.