Awakening to Your Human and Spiritual Natures

Humans are hardwired to search for unconditional love, peace, and joy. From childhood, people long for a permanent experience of those qualities. We generally search first in the physical world, looking to parents, jobs, or external circumstances to provide this stable level of experience. For many, when it becomes obvious that the relative world alone cannot give the peace and fulfillment we seek, it becomes a search into spiritual offerings. We turn to religion, consciousness studies, spiritual teachers, meditation, and yoga to learn how to live a life of wholeness.

Along the path, however, most people ultimately begin using spiritual growth as a way to try to overcome their human limitations. We want to escape the suffering of the earthly realm and transcend the human experience entirely. We begin turning to spiritual teaching as a last hope to avoid the pain of daily life. This is often done in very subtle or even subconscious ways because it is also human nature to turn away from pain and discomfort.

Thus, with a loving heart of all our wily ways, I offer another possibility. I offer that your true nature IS permanent being/consciousness/presence and that the pathway to discovering this truth is by going directly through your human experience. It is by authentically feeling the sensations and emotions of the present moment that you can discover what is already here and does not change. 

To access the fullest peace, freedom, and unconditional love that you desire, you must recognize the truth of your nature as oneness. If you do not integrate this into a physical experience, however, you will not fulfill the reason you came to Earth in the first place! We are here to integrate the human-ness with  spirit in a healthy way. Otherwise we will experience a lack of connection to the physical world around us and humans do not do well with lack of connection. 

How do you awaken to human and spirit? You realize both natures through the heart. The answer comes when the love in your heart connects and inhabits these two worlds. I encourage you to love your human side AND your spiritual side, and to simply notice these two natures every single day.

As you continue to simply witness both natures, they will begin to blend. Effortlessly, your nature as a non-physical being will meld with your nature as a physical being, offering you an opportunity to emerge fully human and fully spirit-- which is the wholeness you have been seeking all along.