Don't Wait. Choose Freedom Now.

This week took me on a deep dive, spiritually. My birthday was last Sunday and along with it came a desire to have some (many?) drinks to celebrate. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with some alcohol-induced partying on your birthday, but it did open a pathway of discovery for me. After recovering from the "slowness" of the day after, I asked myself, "What was I truly seeking?" 

Deep in meditation while exploring this inquiry, the answer came: "To be free and live completely in the moment." 

How fascinating, I thought! The desire for freedom and complete presence is a fundamental human wish. So why did I need an outside substance to experience this? I wandered in my consciousness and discovered beliefs that were hindering the fruition of this wish. We would all like to believe that external forces (i.e. job requirements, family needs, financial concerns, etc) are preventing us from experiencing freedom, but is this really the case? I began to notice the subtle ways that I push away the present moment. I saw how many aspects in my life I had turned into a process that needed completion before I could be truly free. 

As a business owner, this is particularly significant for me, but I know that it is the human condition for people to strive for something outside themselves. How easy it is to imagine that once we accomplish our goals, we can be free. 

"As soon as I make enough money, then I can relax and live in the moment." 

"I will stop pushing myself when I accomplish my soul purpose in the world!"

"How can I feel free when everyone around me needs so much from me?"

I suggest, however, to consider reversing this belief system. What if, once we stop searching for the next big 'thing' and finally let go, we can live in the moment and allow life to unfold without needing to plan or control? 

I'm not saying that as human beings we should not be grounded. I'm not saying to be reckless or imprudent. What I'm saying is that practicality and attendance to the needs of daily life comes naturally when we allow ourselves to experience freedom and presence as our true nature.

Even as a new entrepreneur, I can make the radical choice to live from the peace, love, and truth existing within me. I can realize that my very nature is wholeness and does not need me to "do" anything to live from this wholeness.

I offer for each of you to reconsider all of the reasons you give yourself not to truly stop and discover who you are. Don't wait. Realize who you are first and then the rest will follow blissfully and effortlessly.