Week 2: Why You Need Inner Peace

I firmly believe that access to a state of inner peace is critical to awakening your life purpose. Why is one a prerequisite for the other?

First, discovering your life purpose is nothing short of awakening the truth of who you really are, and who you really are is peaceful. It is peaceful in the largest sense of the word because it fully accepts the present moment without agenda or manipulation. Your true nature is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the simple, expanded awareness that is already within you. It is the aspect of you that is always here, always witnessing, and always accepting. Pure consciousness is not separate from you or your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Your nature as awareness is simply here, right now, as unconditional love. Thus, in awakening to your life purpose, you awaken to this expanded pure consciousness. It arrives quietly and without fanfare, as the simple moments of inner calm and a feeling that everything is okay as it is. Encourage this peace in your life, because the onset of inner peace is opening you to your highest purpose in life.

Second, to come into full alignment with your purpose, you must spend time in the stillness of your own heart. If you cannot be quiet and peaceful inside, then you cannot hear what your heart is telling you. Consider the phrase, “find your soul calling.” Take this phrase literally! Your soul is calling you. It is calling out to you to listen and follow its lead. The whispering of your soul is your intuition that directs your path. Our society is largely driven by mental activity, which is appropriate at times, but the discovery of your purpose is deeper work. In order to hear, you must be able to find calmness within yourself. When we are caught in the cycle of anxiety and non-stop lifestyles, we need to learn techniques for cultivating inner peace so that our minds and bodies are quiet enough to listen openly.

Third, when you are overcome by anxiety, you are too weighed down to take the courageous steps necessary to move your life purpose forward. Let’s be honest. This process will be terrifying at times! You will grow, change, and take risks. You will continually redefine yourself and your life as your state of consciousness develops. Friends and family will see changes in you, and part of your path will be to share yourself vulnerably with them. As you take these sometimes frightening steps, you need tangible techniques to bring in tranquility so that you don’t go into overwhelm and hiding.

Are you ready to bring more peace into your life? Do you want to know the tangible techniques to access more stillness within you? Watch the Week 2 video to learn how!