Emotions as the Gateway to Spiritual Awakening

Your true nature is presence. Presence is stable, never changes, and underlies all the world of form. It is the basis for all creative expression. You are this creative expression. You are not separate from God, Life, or Consciousness.

How do you recognize this? You recognize this by going through your humanity. Humanity is not separate from spirituality. Everything here in this human realm—in daily life— is spiritual. It is all God. It is all the expression of the consciousness and presence which you are. With this knowing, you are all that is. There is nothing to fear. You can rest in the knowing that all is okay. 

What does this look like? How do you “go through humanity”? The answer is to go through the body in this moment. You open to the sensations, feelings, and emotions right now. You stop the patterns of avoidance and over-intellectualizing. You drop into the now, into the body, and into totality of what is here.

It’s a matter of feeling your feelings.

Your feelings and emotions are part of the world of form. They manifest as subtle energies in your body. Emotion = Energy in Motion. As all in the world of form, they are temporary and fleeting. They too shall pass. Emotions rise and fall like the waves on the ocean. However, when avoidance is a pattern, we neglect some of the waves. We disavow them from who we are. When we reject the feelings and energies of this moment from who we are, we create a separation. We create duality. We create the very thing we are trying to awaken from. 

To know that you are Life itself… to know you are wholeness… you must be willing to say yes to everything that you are. You must say yes to the sadness, to the anger, to the hurt, to the love, to the gain, and to the setback. You actually accept duality. You must become all of it to know that you are All That Is. In saying yes to everything, we return to the truth of our nature as presence, as wholeness, as All That Is.

Then, we still operate in the relative world. We are able to take on different costumes at different times and ride all the waves of life, while still experiencing the wholeness. 

Life becomes a play. Life becomes an expression of all that you are. We do not need to attach to individual outcomes or feelings, because our primary identification is with All That Is. We do not need to run from this moment or dissociate from emotions because the knowledge that we are all that is brings less stress to everyday life.

The path to this truth begins with a willingness to embrace your human existence, opening to sensation and emotion in your body right now.