Our Hearts are the Connectors of All That Is

On the journey of awakening, our hearts do the masterful work of integrating our nature as both spirit and human. The heart is the great connector of All That Is. When it opens, it allows us to accept the fullness of who we are in this moment.

The starting place is to choose to open your heart and love every part of yourself. Stop avoiding your feelings and notice the sensations in your body. Give up the constant fixing of yourself or waiting for a time in the future when things will be different. The path is to open your heart to what is here now— to who you are now. 

Sometimes this means letting the heart break open. Often actually! Hearts break open so that they can grow back with more compassion and acceptance. We need to grieve our past hurts. We need to mourn our lost wishes. We need to face what has happened to us, not from a place of fixing or redeeming, but from a place of courage and love.

When we begin to do this, we tap into the subtle energies in our body that we have been holding back. All those emotions, feelings, and experiences are subtle energies in our physical bodies that have not been able to move and naturally transmute. It’s like opening up the dam so the water can flow. You are the entire ocean. There is nothing wrong with the waves on the ocean. However, when we put a big dam against the natural waves, they can no longer move naturally with grace or crash upon the shore and gently subside to stillness.

The subtle energies in our body need to have an open flow. They need you to have an open heart of acceptance. When your heart is open, all these subtle energies can be the play of God. They can— each and every one— point you back to the truth of who you are as wholeness. They are an opportunity to experience and enjoy a new expression of God. Then, we can truly let go of the idea that there is somewhere to get to or someone to become. It is all contained here in this moment— inside you— as Life expressing itself as form. 

We make this practical in daily life by feeling. It is something our culture often does everything to avoid. We medicate, use substances, distract, over work, or stay constantly in a stream of frantic mental activity. We lost our connection with Nature which reminded us how to be still. We subjugated the Divine Feminine and the qualities of receiving and calm. We diminished one another through racism and social division in a way that we no longer primarily see the Divine in each other, but instead use humanity as another means of separation.

It is time to wake up to a new way of life. It is time to open your heart and feel the truth of this moment. It is time to know that we are strong enough to face our past wounds, to gently open them up again so they can be deeply healed. You do not have to do this alone. There are those of us here that are meant to guide humanity through this evolution of consciousness. We are actually all here to guide each other, but for this to happen, we need to open hearts. 

We need to open again to community, to faith, to asking for and receiving help. We need to know that we aren’t meant to do this alone because the truth of our nature is never alone. The truth of our nature is Oneness. Follow your heart to the Divine Oneness.