Searching For Belonging

The funny thing about belonging is that the moment you start really looking for it is likely the moment that you won’t actually find it. The search for belonging is actually a search for yourself. Thus, if you search for lasting belonging externally, you’ll likely come up wanting.

What, you say? How is searching for belonging actually searching for myself? I want community! I want friends and family! I want people to like me! 

Perhaps. Perhaps that’s one level of your desire. Take a moment though and ask yourself, why do you want those things? A better way to ask that question is what will it give you when you have community, friends, and lovability?

It’s not enough for me to just give you the answer to that question right now. You have to inquire within yourself because the real answer is not another concept that your mind can grasp and hold onto. 

The real answer is closer to a feeling, but so much closer than any feeling. It’s closer than your breath or an idea.

It’s life. It’s wordless. It’s the infinite truth of your nature. 

When you personally experience this truth, it becomes comical to seek this belonging outside of yourself. In fact, why would you need to seek it at all? It’s already here. 

This is such a delight! It’s also so practical. There is nothing that gets more reliably concrete. When you are connected with the ground of being, life can keep moving around you without you needing to seek or grasp at it to fulfill some part of you.

It brings so much more ease to your life. You can feel a sense of peace because you know that you are peace— it’s your true nature.