The Awakening of True Belonging

We completed our series on Finding Belonging in the Spiritually Human MeetUp group, about a month ago in fact! Wow, what a journey. I feel a huge level of transformation. I look forward to the way that belonging will continue to weave itself into all our future topics.

When I began the series, part of my motivation was that I felt a depth of belonging missing in my life. I had friends, but I found myself longing for a more profound and reliable sense of belonging. I wanted to know that I was a part of the tribe— in every cell of my being.    

I first looked toward my relationships for this belonging. I considered whether something was wrong with my connections if I was still needing more. When immediate answers didn’t appear, my longing drove me to deeper inquiry. 

  • What is belonging? 
  • Where do we find it?
  • And what is it, really??

I do not write this blog to give you the answers to those questions. I believe that the reason my inquiries were answered was because of my willingness to continue asking until the universe awakened me to my own truth.   

In hopes of inspiring your own journey, however, I share my experience. 

Primarily, I kept opening to the fullness of what I really wanted, letting myself feel the sensations that arose. I also kept asking spirit and my higher self about the nature of belonging. 

In the series, I arrived at a working definition: Belonging is when our unique and authentic nature is so unconditionally allowed that we can no longer completely distinguish where our individuality ends and the “other” begins.  

This definition is lovely because it makes sense on practical human levels, while also pointing to a mystical spiritual principle. The “other” is a concept. We play in the illusion of life that we are separate beings in order to have the realization that our uniqueness is an inherent and undifferentiated part of the greater whole.   

When the realization dawned that my urge to know my deepest belonging was actually another manifestation of my yearning to know my true self, I had the surprise and awe that comes with true epiphany. The whole time, what I really wanted was not a million friends and family members at my beck and call (although that might be great fun! haha). 

What I truly desired was to awaken to my own knowing that my true nature IS belonging. They aren’t separate. Who I am belongs because who I am is the mysterious oneness of a unique presence integral to the whole. Always. Forever. 

We are in an eternal love affair with realizing our individuality is already welcomed. It is already allowed. There is nothing we must do and no one we must be. It’s magically and mysteriously already here. Then, we play in the world of the relative, knowing we are already home.