Celebrating Summer Solstice and the Act of Creation

Last night, I biked to the top of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO for a drumming circle to celebrate the summer solstice. Wow! It was truly incredible. In addition to waking up this morning with sore legs, I also soaked up the gifts I received from the experience.

The community that came forth to celebrate the rhythms of the planet by creating rhythms on drums was amazing! We all sat in a giant circle in an amphitheater on the mountain top. Led by a dear friend, Jon Crowder, our circle was guided through generating beats on our various drums that spoke to a diversity of sound with a common heartbeat.

At some point into the experience, a wholeness and expanded awareness began to settle in with me. I felt like I was a part of everything and stepped back into a larger perspective on both the planet and my individual life. I felt open, full, and profoundly grateful. The gifts of my life presented themselves in such a way that I could truly see how blessed I am. I could see both the grace in my life and the fruits of my intentional work in the past years. I suddenly felt extremely grateful that I have remained committed to creating a life that I love, despite fears and road blocks.

From this place of fullness, it hit me that I want to create my life from THIS place. I want to feel expanded, open, and content with my life and myself exactly as it is. Then, from a place of acceptance and gratitude, to allow that energy to overflow from me to create anew. 

I know how much counsel exists in the personal development community about how to manifest your desires and create the life you want to live. I also feel, however, that many of us have tried to do this while holding a consciousness of incompleteness. It is almost as if our own shame about ourselves or lives drives a desire for change and creation. While I celebrate all the energies of life and their unique purpose, it strikes me that there is another option. We can each choose to find fulfillment with ourselves first. We can explore the inner realms that teach us how to bring more peace and self-love to our lives. Then, we are not acting and creating in the world to change something inside of us, but simply to experience the joy of creation itself. 

For what a joy it is to feel content and loving within yourself...

       and then to experience the effortless and innate creative impulse within you...

                 and then to trust this impulse and allow enthusiastic personal action to make your                        creative impulse into a physical reality.

There is a magic that happens when we take the time to tune into the change of seasons and earth cycles. Our energy fields expand as we connect with the energy field of the planet. It reminds us that we are part of a whole, and that we can live our lives and create anew from this consciousness of wholeness. Trust in this universal spirit within you that moves through cycles just as the Earth moves through its seasons. It is a gift to dance with the drumming pulse of your community, your planet, and your soul. May we all feel the consciousness of this unity and allow the effortless growth that is inherent to our natures.